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Inteliflex Corporation is creating a Digital Marketplace for the Flooring Industry.  Our strategy and goal for this Marketplace is to offer Independent Flooring Installation Contractors and Businesses requesting Flooring Installation Services a cost-effective online collaboration space that will streamline and automate the scheduling, assignment, and execution of flooring installation work.  This Marketplace will also focus on a key challenge facing the flooring industry - increasing the capacity of Installation Contractors so that they can meet the forecasted increase in demand for their services from Residential, Commercial, and Public Sector customers.

To accomplish this capacity increase, we will offer Contractor firms new, more efficient methods for recruiting, onboarding, and training their staff.  Our strategy includes partnering with Trade and Vocational schools, with secondary and higher education institutions, and with industry  profit and non-profit associations to increase the pipeline of trained flooring installation staff. We also will introduce new, innovative methods designed to expedite Contractor onboarding with Businesses requesting installation services and make more effective use of existing Contractor capacity and staff.  Finally, the Marketplace will include a number of Business Partners who can offer services to Contractor firms that will automate and streamline their operations in the front, mid, and back offices.  More of a Contractor's time will be freed up to focus on what makes the most rewarding, effective, and profitable use of their time - completing flooring installation projects.

The business results?  Shop to Cash (STC) time will decrease as a result of optimized methods for managing flooring installation opportunities.  Increased profitability and business growth for both Contractors and the Businesses requesting their services, and increased customer satisfaction.  If our new Marketplace sounds like it can help your business, we want to hear from you.  

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